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Self Help Addiction Resource Centre Inc

(03) 9573 1700
140 Grange Road, Carnegie 3163
CEO - Mr Michael Sgro (03) 9573 1700
SHARC provides high quality and effective drug treatment and care services underpinned by the principles of self help/mutual support aid therapeutic approaches. This self help group of former drug abusers, funded by the Alcohol and Drug Services Unit of the Heath Department, Victoria provides the following services:
- Supported accommodation for young people and adults with drug related problems, supported drug-free accommodation for youth in south eastern suburbs.
- Care coordination, supportive counselling and appropriate referrals.
- Collaborative links with human service agencies and self help groups.
- Education and training in self help and peer based therapeutic approaches.
- Advocacy for service users of alcohol and drug agencies.
- Research in relation to mutual aid services and self help resources.
- A 24-hour 'safe house' in a drug free environment.
- Residential Recovery Houses (1-women, 3-men).
- Access to medical practitioners who understand drug abuse.
- Other practical and emotional support, social functions.

Manages four residential houses for people who have detoxed from drugs - those seeking to separate from drug using culture. Also 'recovery' and mutual support groups, corridor counselling and referral.
9-5 M-F
140 Grange Road, Carnegie 3163