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Southside Dog School

0478 011 612
PO Box 7426, Beaumaris Vic 3193
President - Angela Hervey-Tennyson
Our aim at Southside Dog School is to offer training in a friendly environment, our Instructors and Volunteers are all committed and passionate about positive, rewards based training. Training should be fun for both dogs and their guardians and we are here to show you how to teach your dog in a way which suits your lifestyle and needs whilst promoting responsible dog ownership.
At Southside Dog School, all our classes are run by our team of very experienced and dedicated Instructors. Our Instructors must have either completed a recognised course, such as the Delta Institute nationally accredited training course or the Gentle Dog Trainers Course, or have completed Southside Dog School’s comprehensive Trainee Instructor course.
Sunday and Thursday 9am-12 noon.
D.H. Blackburn Pavilion, Cheltenham Park, Park Road , Cheltenham Vic 3192