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Community Nursery

Our Community Nursery grows and supplies indigenous plants for our parks, bushlands and foreshore, as well as for public sale.

About the Nursery

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Address: 319 Reserve Road, Cheltenham
Opening hours: April to October, Thursday and Saturday 10am–12noon
Enquires:  (03) 9583 8408

Each year, Council grows and supplies around 100,000 indigenous plants, grasses and trees for planting in our parks, bushland reserves and foreshore. The nursery sells stock to the local golf courses and is open to all members of the public.

The nursery opened in 1978 with the aim to protect Bayside's biodiversity by growing plants from local seed stock. It helps to prevent local extinctions through raising awareness and appreciation of Bayside's indigenous flora in public and private landscapes.

Volunteer at the nursery

An outstanding team of nursery volunteers work tirelessly sowing seeds, striking cuttings, helping with sales and caring for developing stock. New volunteers are always welcome.

Volunteer Sessions: Thursdays 10am–12noon.

For more information, contact the Friends of Bayside Support Officer, Jill Robinson on (03) 9583 8408.