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Community Plan 2025

The Community Plan 2025 takes the varying views and aspirations of the Bayside community and connects it with our strategic planning framework.

We gathered feedback from more than 1200 people across a broad range of ages and backgrounds, through surveys, face-to-face engagement and online forums. This consultation provided valuable insights into what the community values, and what is needed to improve the liveability of Bayside.

What were the objectives of the plan?

The objectives of the Community Plan 2025 were:

  • To affirm our commitment to public participation and to enable effective future planning that is evidence-based and is driven by an understanding of what is valued.
  • To capture the community’s views and to reference activities that focus on what is valued, in order to highlight where to invest and prioritise.
  • To effectively engage the community in development of the plan, through positive public participation and increasing the community’s influence on decision making.

Guiding and informing our plans

The Community Plan 2025 acts as a guide for the development of the 4 year Council Plan.

It ensures the views and aspirations of our community are reflected in our strategic goals, activities, resources and performance.

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Take a look at the Community Plan 2025 for more information.

The Community Plan 2025 (PDF, 4.18MB)

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