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Composting products and tips

Did you know that about two thirds of the material you throw into your kerbside garbage bin can be composted?

Bayside residents can buy composting products from us at wholesale prices.

Composting is a great way of turning your food scraps, grass and garden clippings (organics) into an excellent source of free garden food and soil improver, as well as reducing the amount of waste in your kerbside bin.

Depending on how much organic material your home produces, there is the right size composting system for you. There are even composting options for people who live in apartments or have limited outdoor space.

Compost bins

Compost bins take most food scraps and garden waste and are suitable for families and large gardens. To find out more information, and buy your own compost bin, go to our compost bin webpage.

Worm farms

Worm farms are perfect for small spaces and take a range of food scraps. They are also great educational tools for kids to learn about the environment. To find out more information, and buy your own worm farm, go to our worm farms webpage.


Biofermenters can take just about all food scraps and you can even keep it in your kitchen. Ideal for apartments and units, They are a convenient and practical way to transform your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. To find out more information, and buy your own biofermenter, go to our biofermenters webpage.

A white biofermenter bucket