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Beaumaris Concourse masterplan

A new masterplan has been adopted for the Beaumaris Concourse which will bring a range of upgrades to the much-loved shopping village. The detailed designs proposed are now open for comment.

About the project

Upgrades planned in the new masterplan will help to enhance the community atmosphere of the concourse as well as its role as a local retail and meeting place.

It will help to create new public spaces with additional plantings and seating areas to enhance the concourse's green leafy nature.

Key elements of the masterplan include:

  • Prioritising pedestrian safety with improvements to paving and traffic flow through the central car park
  • Creation of a new village square in the East Concourse
  • Increased planting and new seating areas throughout the Concourse
  • Improved signage
  • Retaining the natural, green character of concourse green with additional planting and new seating

South Concourse

South Concourse

The upgrades for the South Concourse include:

  • refreshing the paving and street furniture
  • installing new planters to define pedestrian crossing points.

North Concourse

Potential north concourse design with vegetation

The upgrades for North Concourse include:

  • refreshing the paving
  • installing new planters to define pedestrian crossing points
  • installing new street furniture, including seating, rubbish bins and bicycle hoops.

East Concourse

Potential east concourse seating and vegetation

The upgrades for East Concourse include:

  • a new plaza in the centre of the east concourse
  • a paved raised pedestrian crossing zone across the roadway
  • clearer vehicle entry and exit points into the central car park
  • tree and grass planting as well as new seating.

Supporting documents

Have your say 

To share your thoughts on what we have developed for the detailed design for Beaumaris Concourse, please send your submission through to Bruce Duffield.


BDuffield [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Beaumaris%20Concourse%20submission)