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Council election enrolment

Use this form to apply for enrolment on the council voters’ roll if you are the owner of a rateable property in the Bayside City Council, Victoria area and received a letter inviting you to enrol for the 2024 elections.

To qualify for the voters’ roll as an owner ratepayer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age on or before election day

  • be an owner of a rateable property in the council’s municipal area

  • not be enrolled as a resident of the municipality on the Victorian State electoral roll.

If you are an Australian citizen and you live within the council, you may already be enrolled as a resident on the Victorian State electoral roll. You can check if you are already enrolled to vote in the upcoming election via the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

You can only enrol once in a municipality, regardless of the number of properties you own or occupy.

No more than 2 owners and 2 occupiers can be enrolled for a single rateable property. Email for further assistance if there are people already enrolled for the property.

It is important to note that your enrolment remains in force for as long as you own the property, or don’t otherwise become enrolled as a resident in the municipality on the Victorian State electoral roll. You may resign this enrolment by application to the council by emailing

Once you are enrolled, it is compulsory to vote under section 266 of the Local Government Act 2020. Failure to vote may result in an infringement fine equal to 0.5 penalty units.

As listed on the letter you received inviting you to enrol.
Address of rateable property
Start typing and select from list, e.g. 1/123 Street Name, Suburb.
Enter your address manually
Your details
Australian citizen
Address of principal place of residence
Postal address (if different to residential address)

Declaration by applicant 

 I declare that:

 • I am an owner of a rateable property in the municipal area of the council named in section 1 above.

 • I am entitled to be enrolled on the voters’ roll in respect of the ward in which the rateable property is located.

 • I do not have an entitlement to be enrolled on the Victorian State electoral roll in the municipal area of the council named in section 1 above.

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