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Our customer service commitment

We are committed to being a customer-focussed organisation that delivers excellent and effective customer service at all levels.

By engaging with the community, delivering simplified processes and exceeding expectations, we are committed to customer service that will be:

Easy to deal with: we keep the customer informed of what is required to resolve their query and when it is likely to be resolved.

Empathetic: we are professional and we listen to our customers. When communicating with our customers we will use language that our customers understand.

Effective: customer service is delivered by skilled staff who manage interactions in a timely way.

Trusted: we are confident to make decisions or know who can. We will be fair and transparent when communicating outcomes and we will follow through.

Our customer service standards

Customer service is important to us. There are a number of ways you can contact us to lodge a general enquiry, request a service or provide feedback. By using our published contact methods, you can be assured your enquiry or feedback will be answered in accordance with the following customer service standards.


We will respond to you within 2 working days.

Our website provides comprehensive information about our services, facilities and what’s going on around the municipality. Enquiries, requests and feedback can be submitted via our contact us form. If your enquiry requires further action, we will let you know when you can expect it to be resolved.  


We will return your phone call within 1 working day or at an agreed time.

You can call us during business hours on (03) 9599 4444 and one of our customer service operators will answer your call promptly and try to resolve your enquiry on the spot. If a service area specialist is required to answer your enquiry, we will endeavour to transfer your call just once. If your enquiry requires further action, we will let you know when you can expect it to be resolved.  

In person

We will aim to resolve your enquiry within your visit when you come in to our customer service centre.

If this is not possible, we will let you know when you can expect your enquiry to be resolved.


We will respond to your written enquiry, received through regular postage mail, within 10 working days of receipt. 

If your enquiry cannot be resolved in this timeframe, we will inform you about which department is managing your enquiry and when you can expect it to be resolved.


We will respond to your email within 2 working days.

If your enquiry cannot be resolved within this timeframe, we will send you an email to let you know how it is progressing, which department is handling your enquiry, and when you can expect to get a resolution.


If you have a specific enquiry around a complex issue like planning or building permits, or local infrastructure like drainage, it may be best to make an appointment. This way, you will be discussing your issue with a specialised council officer at a time dedicated to you.

Response time

Our customer service response times apply mostly to general enquiries. Other more complex issues like planning, traffic and engineering, or infrastructure, may need more time to resolve. If this occurs, we will keep you updated on when you can expect a resolution.

How to help us

You can help us respond to your enquiry quickly and effectively when you:

  • Provide clear and concise information relating to your enquiry.
  • Include your current contact details (and advise us if they have changed).
  • Let us know if you want to speak with a Council officer that has specialised expertise.
  • Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

How to provide feedback

We value your opinions and ideas as they help us to continually improve the services and programs we provide for you and the community. Please leave a comment or contact us however you prefer.

We also encourage you to tell us what you think about Council ideas, plans or proposals so you can contribute to and influence the decisions that affect you. Please visit Have Your Say, where we gather thoughts representative of the people affected by a project, and provide access to objective, relevant and timely information.

Making a formal complaint

We understand that feedback may from time-to-time include complaints, as well as compliments and suggestions.

If you are dissatisfied with an experience or service, we will listen and aim to resolve your enquiry fairly and efficiently. If we are unable to meet your expectations, we will clearly explain why.

Please see our complaint process or you can request to review a previous decision.

    How we use the details of your enquiry

    We store the details of enquiries so that contact with our customers is two-way. We keep the information confidential and it is used for Council purposes only, within the guidelines of our Privacy Policy.

    When you call us, we may record the conversation so that we can review it for quality and training purposes, and for use in investigations, disputes and crime prevention. You can notify our staff member at the time if you do not wish to participate.