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Creating a sustainable natural environment

We will be a leader in environmental management and be a greener, more sustainable city. Read about our highlights from 2016/17.

Water consumption reduction

We achieved a 12% decrease in water consumption compared to last year due to greater water efficiency in our buildings and irrigation of open space. This represents an 8% decrease since the 2014/2015 baseline. We achieved good progress toward our target of a 30% reduction in potable water use by 2020.

Waste management

A total of 21,417 tonnes of recyclables and green waste was diverted from landfill in 2016/2017. Green waste collections increased by 876 tonnes while household waste was reduced by around the same amount. Community recycling stations at Beaumaris Library and Council’s Corporate Centre accepted over 4,870 kilograms of recyclable material that is not ordinarily suitable for kerbside collection.

Energy consumption

In 2016/2017, our total energy consumption decreased by 3.6% due to a 7.9% reduction in electricity consumption and a 17% reduction in fuel. Solar panels were installed at Council’s Corporate Centre and the Beaumaris Library and Community Centre, providing an additional 144 kilowatts of solar power in total. This saved over $14,000 in annual electricity costs with a potential reduction of 215 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Street and park trees

In 2016/2017, approximately 1,941 trees were planted in parks, streets and foreshore and bushland reserves. Of these trees, 58% were indigenous or native trees. We now look after over 84,000 trees within the municipality.

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