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Dangerous and menacing dogs

The owners of dangerous and menacing dogs have requirements placed upon them to prevent their dogs harming the community.

Dangerous dog

A dog is declared dangerous by a council because:

  • it has caused, by biting or attacking, the death of or serious injury to a person or animal.
  • it is a menacing dog and the owner has received 2 infringement notices for failing to comply with restraint requirements.
  • it has been declared a dangerous dog under a law of another state or territory.
  • if the owner has been found guilty or paid infringements for the dog attacking or rushing more than once.

A dog is automatically a dangerous dog if:

  • the dog has at any time been kept as a guard dog for the purposes of guarding a non-residential premises.
  • the dog has been trained to attack or bite any person or item worn by a person.

Menacing dog

A dog is declared menacing by a council because it has:

  • rushed at or chased a person.
  • bitten a person or animal and caused a non-serious injury.
  • been declared a menacing dog under a law of another state or territory.

For more information about dangerous or menacing dogs, or dog attacks, go to the Victorian State Government website.