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Dendy Park works

Dendy Park is one of the most significant outdoor recreation areas in Bayside. Council has undertaken a $5 million program of upgrades at the park to support residents to live healthy, active lifestyles now and into the future.

These works were envisaged as part of a masterplan developed in consultation with the community in 2014. 

Dendy Park upgrades include:

  • The new Dendy Park sports pavilion opened in August 2017, replacing two existing pavilions to cater for the requirements of cricket and soccer clubs based at the park. It includes female friendly change rooms, referee/umpire rooms, a first aid room, more storage, administration and social areas and accessible public toilets for casual park users and school groups. The building design reflects the natural environment of the reserve, and includes environmentally sustainable design features which will reduce its greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint.
  • The Dendy Park car park was resurfaced and landscaped to create a safer, more accessible car park for park users.
  • A 1.8 kilometre exercise circuit with exercise stations was installed in 2016.
  • A new playground, accessible public toilets and a picnic shelter were constructed near Dacey Street in 2018.
  • Dendy Park is an old tip site. In recent years, deep depressions have appeared at various locations. Ground stabilisation works were undertaken in five stages over four years to create safe and level surfaces for use by sporting clubs and the community. This work involved compacting the existing surface, topping up the compacted areas with suitable soil, reinstating irrigation, providing sub surface drainage and replacing the turf.