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Tips for describing environmental achievements

Some ideas to help you describe what the environmental initiative, project or activity achieved.

    How does the nominee make a positive contribution to the natural environment and community of Bayside?

    Examples of this could be:

    • Water efficiency features and practices
    • Sustainable garden design
    • Purchasing or encouraging the purchase of environmentally friendly products

    How does the nominee reduce every day impact?

    Examples of this could be:

    • Sustainable gardening techniques
    • Improvement of waste minimisation practices
    • Social enterprise with an environmental sustainability focus
    • Sustainable practices implemented at home or in business
    • Reusing and recycling materials and products

    How does the nominee respond to climate change?

    Examples of this could be:

    • Significantly reducing energy use
    • Using sustainable transport
    • Adapting to water shortages, food scarcity and increased average temperatures
    • Helping others to ensure that they are informed and considered during and after an extreme weather event

    What actions or behaviours has the nominee adopted to save water, save energy and minimise your waste?

    Examples of this could be:

    • Composting
    • Grey water recycling
    • Installation of water tanks
    • Sustainable gardening
    • Sustainable building design