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Durrant Street road reconstruction

We are undertaking essential road reconstruction and drainage improvement works on Durrant Street, from Marion Street to Hampton Street, Brighton. Construction is programmed to start in late July 2018.

Residents and users of the street will notice very little change in the way you use the street amenities. Driveways will be extended in most locations, on-street parking will change in a few places, and new bike lanes will be included.

About the project

The works will help to reduce localised flooding, improve the local road and cycling network and improve traffic flow and safety of residents and other road users.

The existing street trees close to the drainage channel have adversely affected the surrounding road and drainage infrastructure. The tree roots have lifted the road pavement, kerbs and channels, which in turn has resulted in localised water ponding and in some locations, flooding of properties.

Works involves road reconstruction and re-positioning drainage channels, adding new bike lanes and forming tree pits to provide conditions for healthier street trees.

The works will also enable the buses to fully pull up to the kerb, improving traffic movement through the street.

What will it look like?