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Durrant Street road reconstruction

We are undertaking essential road reconstruction and drainage improvement works on Durrant Street, from Marion Street to Hampton Street, Brighton.

The works will help to reduce localised flooding, improve the local road and cycling network and improve traffic flow and safety of residents and other road users.

Upgrades include:

  • road reconstruction 
  • re-positioning drainage channels 
  • adding new bike lanes
  • forming tree pits to provide conditions for healthier street trees
  • extending driveways in most locations

The works will also enable the buses to fully pull up to the kerb, improving traffic movement through the street.

Road closures

As part of the final stage of works Council will need to close sections of Durrant Street.

Closing the road will allow for the demolition and excavation of the existing road to construct the new road base. It will include adjusting all affected service pits to the new levels, re-construction of the pavement layers and updating all line marking and signage.

Male to Hampton Street

Works will commence on Monday 19 November through to mid December 2018. 

Male to Marion Street

Works will commence on Monday 7 January through to Friday 1 February 2019.

Traffic management

During the works these sections of Durrant Street will remain closed to all vehicles. Residents are required to park vehicles in nearby side-streets to ensure they remain accessible throughout construction.
Traffic management will be in place along the street and pathways to direct traffic. 

Vehicle access for Durrant Street between Hampton Street to Marion Street will be restricted from Monday 19 November through to start of February 2019.   

Waste collection 
Residents waste collection service will not change. Please leave your bins out as usual and Council contractor, Evergreen Civil, will take them to the closest pick-up point for waste collection and return bins to your property. 


Tree replacement works

The tree removal works commenced in August 2018 and will be completed in sections before the end of the year. The replacement species for Durrant Street will be a plane tree. The new trees will be planted in 2019.
The existing street trees close to the drainage channel have adversely affected the surrounding road and drainage infrastructure. The tree roots have lifted the road pavement, kerbs and channels, which in turn has resulted in localised water ponding and in some locations, flooding of properties.

How many trees will be affected?

A total of 10 trees have been removed as part of the original road reconstruction works. Additional trees are now due to be removed because of the trees stability being compromised when the roots are pruned to construct the driveways, drains or parking bays.

More information
Council will know more about the required additional tree removal as works progress. We will notify adjacent residents of the planned tree removal two weeks prior to works.

For enquiries
Horacio Correa, Construction Engineer 9599 4651.

What will it look like?