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Early years

We understand the importance of sustainability and offer educators free support tools and services that help to teach about our environment.

What support do we offer?

Free education services designed to support educators to develop an inclusive approach to learning about the environment.

These programs have been designed for the early years learning environment. Contact Claire Brace from Environmental Sustainability on (03) 9599 4495 to further discuss these opportunities.


Bin wise

An interactive session that teaches students what waste is, who makes it, where it goes and the effect on their local environment and what they can do to help. Students will learn the materials that can go in each of the kerbside bins, the basic rules of sorting their waste and alternatives to disposal.

Worm farmers

A fun interactive session about worm farming. Children can actively participate in setting up a worm farm or learn how to make and maintain one at home. Students explore the benefits of worm farming especially as a way of reducing waste going to landfill.

Wasteful versus waste wise

An interactive session that teaches students how to reduce their waste through their shopping choices. Students explore this concept and collaborate to identify actions they can take in their daily lives at home and school to consume less, becoming more sustainable and reducing their environmental footprint.

Support for teachers

We offer a range of support tools for teachers including a professional education and learning network, and a Brighter Schools newsletter.