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Composting & Worm Farming Workshop

Event Details

This International Composting Awareness Week (5 - 11 May), come and learn about all the things you can do with food waste in your home!  Food Waste = Garden Gold!

Hosted by Bayside City Council and facilitated by Richard Rowe from Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA), this workshop will cover all the basics to help you start composting and worm farming in your household. Learn about: 

  • Why compost?

  • Benefits and tips for different organics recycling systems

  • Getting the recipe and solving common problems

  • Different ways of using this organic ‘gold’ in your garden

We will also be providing information and hosting a Q&A session on our new Food and Green Waste Service, coming to Bayside households from 1 July 2019. 

Doors open at 6:15 pm. Tea, coffee, and light refreshments provided. 

Registration is essential. 

Wheelchair accessibility