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Getting the best out of your smartphone - iPhones

Event Details

Are you new to iPhones? These phones do not come with instruction manuals do they?!

Come to this session for a guided tour of your iPhone where you will learn the things they do not show you in the store – the basic features, buttons, and terminology - plus how to make, receive and decline calls, look at recent calls, what you can do whilst on the call, save a contact from a call you have received, plus create and send text messages, and reply to messages.

This is a ‘virtual classroom’ using Zoom meetings. You can participate from the comfort of your own home on your own device. For those that are new to Zoom meetings do not worry.

We will be sending out detailed step by step instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting, and we will open the meeting up one hour prior for registrations and to assist anyone that needs help joining.

Wheelchair accessibility