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Pet Registration Day

Image of puppies and kittens

Event Details

Our annual Pet Registration Day is on again. Bring your canine or feline best buddy to register for peace of mind that should they ever wander, they’ll be back home in no time.

Pets of all shapes and sizes can be registered on the day.

Free registration will apply for fur babies under six months (state government charges will apply - $4 per dog or cat. Registration valid until 9 April 2020. Offer only available at the Pet Registration Day event on 30 March 2019).

Pet registration is a legal requirement for all dogs and cats over three months of age. Pets must be microchipped to be registered.

Our Bayside Animal Management Officers carry handheld microchip readers so if your best mate goes wandering, reading their chip may help to return them straightaway.

Bayside has one of the highest pet return rates in Victoria and registration plays an important role in our success in reuniting pets and owners.

Find out more information on pet registrations.

Important note: All dogs must be on leash, all cats must be in a cage and all other pets must be appropriately restrained when attending the Registration Day.