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The trees of Billilla: Refuge workshops

artist collecting pine-needles

Event Details

Participate in this exciting community art installation at Billilla mansion gardens in Brighton.

Refuge will be created in Billilla gardens during March/April 2018 (excluding the Easter period, which will include Thursday 29 March and Tuesday 3 April) under the iconic Canary Island Pine/Pinus canariensis. Aged over 130 years, and recorded on the National Trust (Victoria) Register of Significant Trees as important for its ‘curious growth form'. This pine not only symbolises the nineteenth century gardens and mansions of Bayside but also the resilience and contribution of survivors. Its distinctive shape is the result of a severe lightning strike in 1918. The resulting thick broad canopy provides dense shade for humans at ground level and safe shelter for birds and possums in its generous upper limbs. Appreciation of its unusual form could also be seen as a celebration of difference. Refuge will highlight these qualities.

Refuge will be a large installation, woven with pine-needles that fall prolifically from the tree. Viewers will be able to experience it visually from the outside before entering its enclosed, protective inner-space. For those looking up from within, the structure will form a frame to focus the view of the branches and upper reaches of this incredible tree.

Carmel Wallace can be found either under the tree or in the Tayler studio.

Participate in this workshop

Work on this project will continue through to the end of April and community members are welcome to be a part of this wonderful project. Weather permitting Carmel will be found under the tree most days from March to April. To ensure she is aware you are coming along please register your interest as a single or group.

Image: Photography, James Wallace 2018 (detail).

Billillia mansion studio site plan showing Tayler studio on south western face


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