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9 April – 24 April 2021
Director: David Collins
In 1989, the newly commissioned trimaran ‘Rose Noelle’ was smacked over by a huge rogue wave on its maiden voyage from New Zealand to Tonga. Its crew of four spent an unprecedented 119 days huddled in the vessel’s upturned hull as it drifted in the South Pacific before being wrecked on rocks at Great Barrier Island.

Flipside is adapted from Capsized written by American Jim Nalepka, one of the crew.
While essentially a shipwreck saga, it’s really a story of friendship and love – one narrated from the perspective of Jim, an instructor at Outward Bound.
Laced with laconic humour, the four disparate personalities act out life confined in the hull with a compelling intensity coupled with an unexpected degree of physicality. They create an authentic bobbing bubble of complex interaction, philosophy, passion, pathos and resilience.

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