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Food and green waste is coming to Bayside

Food scraps and leftovers from Bayside households will be recycled into compost via a new food and green waste recycling service from 15 July 2019.

We're expanding our existing green, garden waste service to include food waste.

The new combined food and green waste service will transform Bayside's food scraps, leftovers and green waste into compost - saving it from landfill.

Our garbage bins are half full of food that’s been “thrown away”. By putting it into the food and green waste bin instead we can help to reduce landfill and greenhouse gases, while providing a valuable resource for Victorian farmers.

Our bins are going green(er)

From 15 July, we’ll visit to swap the red lid on your green waste bin with a new green one.

We'll also provide a handy caddy (mini bin) for your kitchen, compostable bags and an information pack to help you get started.

Food and green waste will be collected fortnightly and composted for use by Victorian farmers.

What will go in your bins

Once you have your new green lid, you can start putting food scraps into your food and green waste bin.

What can go in your bins from 15 July

Keeping composting

if you already compost much of your food waste like peelings, fruit and veggie scraps and eggshells - great, keep going.

Use the food and green service for all of the food items you can't compost - meat, bread, citrus etc.

Find out more about composting products and tips

Want a food and green waste bin?

Pre-order your bin today

Your new bin will be delivered to you once the service begins mid-July for a one off charge of $100.20. This is the same charge paid by current users.

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