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Food and green waste is here

We are currently in the process of changing over lids on green waste bins, from red to green, signalling the start of food and green waste collection.

If you already have a red-lidded bin then you just need to put it out on your usual green waste collection day (even if empty) and we'll change it over and deliver a Food and Green Waste Starter Kit, over late July and August.

If you do not currently have a green waste bin you can order a food and green waste bin.

The new combined food and green waste service will transform Bayside's food scraps, leftovers and green waste into compost - saving it from landfill.

Our garbage bins are half full of food that’s been “thrown away”. By putting it into the food and green waste bin instead we can help to reduce landfill and greenhouse gases, while providing a valuable resource for Victorian farmers.

When will my lid be changed?

We are currently in the process of changing red lids over to the new green ones. If your lid has not been changed yet then do not worry, simply keep putting your bin out on your green waste collection day and we will make the switch.

Even if your lid hasn't been changed you can already start putting food waste in with your garden waste as the collections are now going to the new processing centre.

What can go in your bins from 15 July

What will I receive?

We'll also provide a handy caddy (mini bin) for your kitchen, compostable bags (made from corn starch) and an information pack to help you get started.

Frequently asked questions

From how multi-unit developments will be impacted to tips to prevent smell, we've collated the answers to the most frequently asked questions about food and green waste.

Your questions answered

Want a food and green waste bin?

If you don't already have a green waste bin then you can register for the service via the link below.

Order your bin today

Your new bin will be delivered to you once the service begins mid-July for a one off charge of $100.20. This is the same charge paid by current users.