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Funding for basketball facilities

Council is seeking $3 million towards a total project cost of $8 million for the expansion of basketball facilities at Tulip Street, Cheltenham.

Council is committing $4 million to the project, with the Southern Basketball Association committing $1 million. 

The issue

The Southern Basketball Association (SBA) based in Bayside has more than 10,000 members in 750 teams and coordinates more than 12,000 games per year.

Basketball in Bayside includes a range of programs providing a pathway from school and junior grassroots development, through to elite, representative competition. It also offers programs for players with special needs as well as coach and referee programs.

SBA is located in Tulip Street, Cheltenham where it has access to four basketball courts. This represents a significant undersupply to meet current demand and with membership increasing each year, has resulted in:

  • Inability to accept senior domestic teams with a waiting list now in place
  • Inability to provide training facilities for junior domestic competition
  • Very limited ability to admit new teams to junior domestic competition.

In addition, the growing demand for court time results in SBA needing to hire additional courts at other venues across Bayside and within neighbouring municipalities.

A 2014 needs assessment identified that an additional four to five indoor courts are required in Bayside to meet current and future participation levels until 2031. Basketball participation rates in Bayside are consistent with Australian and Victorian averages, however the supply of courts is lower within Bayside and surrounding municipalities, in comparison to other areas of metropolitan Melbourne.

The opportunity

Council has developed a concept plan for new basketball facilities incorporating:

  • a four indoor court extension
  • unisex change rooms and toilets
  • storage, reception, canteen and first aid room
  • air circulation system throughout stadium
  • improved access from adjacent road network
  • modified programs outdoor half court
  • additional car parking.

The new facilities will meet the current and future needs of basketball locally and enable the basketball association to expand its programs.

New basketball facilities in Bayside will:

  • Provide greater capacity to recruit more players including expanding the girls competition;
  • Opening up of the senior competition including women’s teams
  • Provide training for the domestic competition and the development of new game formats including 3 on 3
  • Efficient use of human, physical and financial resources i.e. referees, volunteers, administration, storage
  • Ability to create a social/club atmosphere
  • Convenience for parents who may have a number of children playing in different age groups, resulting in efficiencies in travel costs, congestion on roads and travel time
  • Ability to provide teams with both competition and training activities at the one venue
  • Take the pressure off alternative venues also being sought by basketball associations in other municipalities.

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