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Gallery at BACC Board

The Gallery at BACC Board is an independent Advisory Board of Council, formally appointed by Council pursuant to Section 86 of the Local Government Act (1989) in August 2016.

The Board is accountable for effectively discharging the powers, discretions and functions delegated to it by Council.

Powers, discretions and functions

The powers of the Board functions are referenced in the Instrument of Delegation to the Gallery at BACC Board which is included in the attached Charter.

A summary of the activities of the Board include:

  • Development of a four year Strategic Plan for The Gallery at BACC;
  • Approve acquisitions, de-accessions, and the ongoing management of Council's art & heritage collection;
  • Approve The Gallery at BACC exhibition and public program schedule;
  • Monitor performance against the Four Year Strategic Plan and provide strategic advice to Council as necessary;
  • Support staff in building of relationships and partnerships with artists, arts sector organisations, business and government agencies;
  • Approve marketing and promotion strategies; and
  • Provide advice and guidance on the pursuit of sponsorship, fundraising, and philanthropic opportunities, and investigation of the feasibility of establishing a Gallery at BACC Foundation to facilitate the receipt of donations, bequests, and proceeds of fundraising activities.


Composition of the Board

The Gallery at BACC Board comprises of the following members:

  • Cr Alex del Porto
  • Cr Sonia Castelli
  • Ms Angelina Beninati (Chairperson)
  • Ms Tiziana Borghese (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Mr Roger Boyce
  • Ms Charlotte Christie
  • Mr Patrick Christian

Gallery at BACC board charter and instrument of delegation (PDF, 206.35KB)

Strategic plan

The strategic plan maps the goals, objectives, success indicators and targets for the Gallery at BACC over the next 4 years against which performance will be measured.

The Gallery at BACC strategic plan (PDF, 2.24MB)

The Gallery at BACC strategic plan (DOCX, 37.61KB)