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Graffiti in public places

Graffiti in public places should be removed as soon as possible. By reporting graffiti to the right authority you will be assisting in this process.

Who to contact for graffiti removal?

On our property such as

  • buildings or structures
  • footpaths
  • street litter bins
  • public BBQ's
  • parks
  • sculptures
  • furniture
  • public toilets.

If you notice graffiti on our infrastructure please contact us to let us know

On third party property or infrastructure

If you have noticed graffiti on other infrastructure, you can contact the relevant organisation below for its removal.

Red post boxes or green delivery boxes

Contact Australia Post on 13 13 18.

Power poles and electricity supply units

Contact United Energy on 1300 131 689.

Grey traffic boxes, signal poles and traffic lights

Contact VicRoads on 13 11 70.

Telephone boxes

Contact Telstra on 13 22 03.

Glass bus shelters

Contact Adshel on 1800 501 402.

Railway bridges and laneways

Contact Metro Trains on 1800 800 007.

Are you removing graffiti from your Bayside property?

We can provide a free graffiti removal kit from our corporate office.

What are we doing about graffiti?

We are in partnership with Community Correctional Services (CCS) a business unit of the Department of Justice and Regulation to remove graffiti from highly visible public spaces in Bayside. The program provides effective means for offender’s on a community work order to rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community; as well as providing a cleaner environment.

The broader objectives of the program are to:

  • Identify hotspots and remove graffiti from highly visible public spaces
  • Raise the profile of the community work program within CCS and the wider community
  • Deliver a safe and secure program that actively engages and promotes partnerships

For more information, visit Corrections Victoria website.

Reporting someone creating graffiti

If you witness an individual participating in graffiti call Victoria Police on 000.

For graffiti that has occurred on your property, or if you have any information on graffiti activity report it to Sandringham Police (03) 8530 5100. You can also contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with information on graffiti offences.

Graffiti volunteer program

We support community groups who wish to undertake graffiti removal within the community through the provision of mobile graffiti removal kits. If you are involved in a community group, for example, Neighbourhood Watch or a traders association, and would like to organise a community clean-up day, please contact us.

Community art program

Community art projects have been undertaken at the Sandringham Skate Bowl and the Peterson Youth Centre. If you are interested in participating in an art project, contact the Youth Services team on (03) 9599 4622.

We are committed to effectively managing graffiti by applying prevention, removal, legislation and enforcement strategies across the municipality.