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Graffiti removal on your property

If you are removing graffiti from your Bayside property, we can provide a free graffiti removal kit from our corporate office.



How to get a free graffiti removal kit

These kits are available from our corporate office:

Bayside City Council
76 Royal Avenue
Sandringham VIC 3191

Monday–Friday, 8.30am–5pm

What is the graffiti removal kit?

The kit contains everything you need to remove graffiti from smooth surfaces and brickwork, safely and effectively. Directions on how to use and safety guidelines are outlined in the kit.

How do I prevent graffiti?

Graffiti commonly occurs on blank walls, fences, light poles and corner blocks because graffiti vandals like to work on a ‘blank canvas’.

You can reduce graffiti by:

  • Landscaping, plant creepers, vines, hedges or spiky plants along blank wall lines.
  • Use an anti-graffiti coating on surfaces to make graffiti removal easier.
  • Use darker coloured paint.
  • Use rough or textured surfaces.
  • Keep your property well maintained.

Graffiti Busters pilot program

Council is supporting Neighbourhood Watch 3193's Graffiti Busters trial program to remove graffiti from private properties in pilot areas. Find out more about Graffiti Busters.