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Great Art Nature Detective: Greenworld scavenger hunt

This school holiday join us for a hunt that brings you up close and personal with each of the artists and the materials they use and themes they depict in the Greenworld exhibition.

This scavenger hunt style activity is one the whole family can enjoy together at home and in your back garden and when out during your daily exercise.

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Challenge 1

James Morrison paints beautifully detailed oil paintings that depict the flora and fauna of his imagination and places that he lived as a child. In many of his works there are hidden critters and creatures.

A brightly coloured painting of a floral landscape that includes a bird flying across the sky.

Your challenge today is to spot a real life native creature!

Challenge 2

Teelah George creates works that depict the different colours of the sky at different points in time and feelings you might experience when outside in nature.


Take a moment to notice the colour of the sky today.

Challenge 3

Charlie Lawler and Wona Bae create large scale works that use materials such as leaves, grasses and flowers and often instal these in unexpected places like in the city.

Photo of five suspended circular wreaths made from green organic matter resembling long grass, aligned to create a cylinder.


Challenge 4

Joiwind Lowe’s work includes an installation that is created with scent.

Photograph of fabric artworks hanging from the ceiling

When you are out on your walk today find something with a scent of nature. It may be fresh cut grass or a scented bloom.

Challenge 5

Nicole Foreshew examines the importance of natural materials that come from the earth and how to respect them.

Series of framed photographs of specimens in white frames hanging on a white wall

Find a stone that is interesting to you – it may be the colour, texture, or the size of the stone. Think about where your stone might have come from and how old it might be.

Challenge 6

Betty Muffler is a Pitjantjatjara artist that explores her connection to the land.

Black and white painting of linear marks and patterns

Is there a place outside that you feel is special to you? Get a photo of this place, or if you can’t visit it right now, create a drawing or painting of the place.

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Challenge 7

Naomi Eller creates collages that use images of natural objects she has found or made and photographed, then place together in a new form.

Interior photograph of art exhibition with yellow sculptural work on the left wall and collaged work in the distance.

Can you find 3 different natural objects and then lay them out in a new form on the ground. Draw or photograph your creation.

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