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Half Moon Bay pedestrian safety and parking trial

We are trialling a range of changes to signage and line marking within the Half Moon Bay car park (B14) aimed at improving pedestrian and beach visitor safety.

The changes to be trialled are in response to community feedback received for the Draft Half Moon Bay to Red Bluff Foreshore Masterplan in August to October 2017.

The changes to be trialled include:

  1. New bollards to improve safety for patrons exiting and entering the café and restaurant. Two new lockable fold down bollards to retain Life Saving Club and beach cleaning access.
  2. New bicycle parking area near the cafe.
  3. New accessible parking space and refuge/turnaround area closest to the beach and café. This will be created by adjusting the existing bay widths to ensure no net loss of parking.
  4. New accessible parking space adjacent to the boat ramp, closest to the beach and café, when the eastern end car park is closed to public parking access on weekends.
  5. No change to existing parking period restrictions.
  6. New shared pedestrian zone advisory signage, designated crossing points and refuge areas around the public boat ramp to improve pedestrian safety.
  7. New line marking and signage to define boat rigging areas to maintain clear pedestrian and emergency vehicle access through to the beach.
  8. New line marking to define the boat trailer waiting area to encourage drivers with boats to queue to the side while waiting to launch, leaving adequate width for vehicles to pass/circulate to reduce congestion.

The proposed trial changes will be introduced in August 2018 and monitored by Council until early 2019.

To provide your feedback or comments on the trial, contact aweir [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Feedback%20on%20Half%20Moon%20Bay%20trial) (Amy Weir).

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