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Healthy ageing directory

COVID-19 update

In line with the reinstatement of Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ COVID-19 restrictions, our Senior Community Centres and Men’s Sheds are closed until further notice.

Bayside is the ideal setting for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Our Healthy Ageing community provide popular and fun pursuits for all ages and abilities.

We support community activities which will enhance wellbeing, health and support your independence.  

All programs and events are tailored to promote your passions whilst connecting you with others who share the same or similar interests.

At Healthy Ageing we encourage you to use our webpages to connect with like-minded friends for fitness, for friendship and for fun. 

Bayside residents can seek out opportunities to enjoy an active, social and independent life which is rewarding and healthy.

Activity Centres and Day Programs

Our community provide vibrant options for celebrating ageing well. There is a fantastic variety of free or low cost activities run by Bayside Council, our 4 local Senior Centres as well as local activity centres.  Sign up for the Healthy Ageing Newsletter to keep abreast of upcoming events. There is something for everyone, of all ages and abilities, these great opportunities to get connected with your community are not to be missed.

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Fitness, Exercise and Strength Training

Bayside prides itself on its wealth of picturesque settings for providing indoor and outdoor activities. From open water swimming, to Tai Chi, to croquet, we offer activities which will improve circulation, reduce inflammation, increase lung and heart function. These fun activities will promote strength, longevity and improved mobility.  Most classes offer a trial to welcome everyone to participate and try out.  Delay the effects of ageing by joining in with positive, healthy minded individuals and make friends.

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Music and the arts

Express yourself by immersing in the beat of music or relaxation of art. Creativity keeps your mind fit and brings delight to those around you. Share your ideas or learn new skills by joining a team of like-minded creatives. We have a thriving community of artists, musicians and those who appreciate the finer details of life. Don’t delay, tap in to your free spirit today.

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Sports programs

Remember dreaming of retirement and improving your skills at your favourite sport? Bayside has an active community of likeminded individuals seeking a team.  Whether it be Cricket, Golf or Tennis there are plenty of beautiful open spaces in Bayside to enjoy the sport and the great ourdoors, whatever the weather.  Grab your towel and water bottle and find your team.

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Computers and technology

Brush up on old skills or build new ones.  Seek device advice, viral protection or embrace being creative digitally. Plug in to one of our many computer or information technology programs or events.  Save yourself time and future frustration by seeking out support or advice now.

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History and the environment

Learn about the past to enrich your future. Bayside is a treasure trove of history, from Indigenous sites of major significance, to marine fossils, the lives of early settlers and the changing face of architecture in Bayside. Our community is home to many who wish to protect and celebrate our history and culture. Do you have stories to share? Reverse the clock and head back in time to enjoy healthy reminiscing with friends and historians alike.

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