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Highett Structure Plan Review

We are currently reviewing the Highett Structure Plan, a planning framework that sets out the vision for the future growth and development in Highett.

What is the Highett Structure Plan?

The Highett Structure Plan sets out the long-term strategic vision and action plan for the area. Its role is to guide change in Highett over the next 20 years in relation to:

  • future land use
  • how people access and move around the area
  • types and heights of buildings
  • parks and open spaces
  • improvements to infrastructure
  • the character of the area
  • biodiversity and sustainability.

The Highett Structure Plan was originally developed in 2004 and adopted in 2006. Since the structure plan was developed, land use and demographic change has occurred in Highett which means it is time to review and potentially make updates to the structure plan to ensure it remains current and relevant.

How to get involved

To share your ideas or to stay up to date with the project, visit our Have Your Say website.

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