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How do I register for three or four-year-old kindergarten?

We answer your frequently asked questions on registering your child for kindergarten in Bayside.

When can I register?

The official kindergarten registration period is 1 to 30 April. 

What if I am late to register?

Late registrations will be accepted but not administered until on-time registrations have been processed.

How and where do I register?

Registrations are made online. If you are experiencing difficulties, contact the Early Years Team on 9599 4733 who will be able to assist you.

What do I need to complete my registration?

To complete the registration online, you only need your concession card if applicable or your direct debit/credit card details for payment.

How much does it cost to register?

An administration payment of $36.22 is required for each registration.

There is no fee for concession card holders (eligible concession types are listed on the online registration form).

How do I know if my registration has been received?

An email acknowledging receipt of registration is sent to the applicant.