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Impounded animals

Animals impounded are checked for tags, microchips or any other means to identify the animal. Animal management officers try to contact owners as soon as possible to arrange release of the animal.

Our day stay facility

If owners have no history and there is an adult present, the animal may be returned directly home. Otherwise, animals will be impounded at our day stay facility. Animals can be kept there for 24 hours (Mon–Fri), allowing owners time to collect their animals. Owners can collect animals (by appointment) at:

Bayside Corporate Centre

76 Royal Avenue
Sandringham VIC 3191

Phone: (03) 9599 4444

Costs for 24 hour release

  • dog release fee: $112
  • cat release fee: $71

Our animal pound

If an owner is not identified, cannot be contacted or if the animal is collected outside of business hours, it will be transported to The Lost Dogs Home.

You can search their website for your lost dog or lost cat.

Lost Dogs Home

920 Thompsons Road

Cranbourne West VIC 3977

Phone: (03) 9702 8055

Get further contact details and opening hours at www.dogshome.com

Costs for pound release

  • cat or dog release fee: $185

All animals must be registered before they are released. Proof of registration is needed to collect the animal. Unregistered animals can be registered at the time of release.