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Improving our services

We are continually reviewing and improving our services. Here are some key performance highlights and areas for improvement.

Service performance highlights

  • 99% of lost registered cats and dogs returned to their owners.
  • 95% of council resolutions made in public, open meetings.
  • 96% councillor meeting attendance.
  • 100% of food premises non-compliance notifications followed up.
  • 23% of residents are active library users.
  • 100% of Bayside babies are enrolled in maternal and child health service.
  • 95% of sealed roads don’t requiring renewal.
  • 49% of garbage, recyclable and green organics are diverted from landfill.
  • 94% of Commonwealth quality standards for aged and disability care are met.

Priority areas for improvement

Statutory planning

Significant increases in the number of planning applications lodged impacted our decision-making timeframes.

A review of this service in 2015 identified opportunities for improvement to:

  • improve the timeliness and efficiency of the service
  • reduce costs per planning application.

A number of changes are continuing to lead to significant improvement in our results.