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Kindergarten and preschool programs for 3 and 4 year old children in Bayside include community delivered sessional services, long day care services and early learning centres (usually within a school setting). Kindergarten programs for 4 year old children are funded and regulated by the Victorian State Government to support every child having access to a year of kindergarten prior to starting school.

How do I register for community delivered kindergarten?

Central Registration for Kindergarten 2018 opens 1st May, 2017.

Download a copy of the 2017 Central Kindergarten Registration Guidelines (PDF, 257.68KB).

What are my community delivered kindergarten options?

Follow the links below to the kindergartens which are part of our Central Registration Service. Each service has its own timetable with some offering extended hours of care.

When is my child old enough to attend?

If your child was born Can attend 3yo Can attend 4yo
May 1 2012 - Apr 30 2013   2017
Feb 1 2013 - Jan 31 2014 2017  
May 1 2013 - Apr 30 2014   2018
Feb 1 2014 - Jan 31 2015 2018  
May 1 2014 - Apr 30 2015   2019
Feb 1 2015 - Jan 31 2016 2019  
May 1 2015 - Apr 30 2016   2020
Feb 1 2016 - Jan 31 2017 2020  
May 1 2016 - Apr 30 2017   2021
Feb 1 2017 - Jan 31 2018 2021  

How to gauge your child's readiness

It is very important to consider when your child is likely to gain the most benefit from starting school, as this will help you determine when your child's kindergarten experience should commence. Once a child starts 3 year old kinder, their education journey has commenced with an expectation of moving into 4 year old kinder the following year and then school the year after.

Although every child's development is unique, observation and research suggest that children who turn 3 between January and April can benefit significantly from waiting a year and starting kinder the year they turn 4.

You know your child best. However, to help make an informed decision about when to start your child's education journey, you can:

  • Discuss your options with people whose judgement you trust such as your Maternal and Child Health Nurse, kindergarten educators, school teachers (especially foundation and prep) and other parents.
  • Attend kindergarten information sessions. These are displayed in our news and events section.
  • Read up on kinder readiness.


  • Both 3 and 4 year old programs can have children ranging from 3, 4 and 5 years old in attendance.
  • Your child must be at school in the year that they turn 6 years of age, this is the compulsory school starting age.
  • Access to a second year of either 3 or 4 year old kinder is only available under limited circumstances and should not be assumed as an automatic entitlement.

    What if I decide to wait another year?

    There are other options to consider if you decide to wait a year. Play group, occasional care and family day care are available in the Bayside area and provide opportunities to develop your child's readiness for kinder.