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The kindergarten portal

You will receive login details to the kindergarten portal 2 to 3 business days after registration. The portal allows you to change your preferences, accept or decline kindergarten offers and cancel your application.

After registering online, you will receive an email within a couple of business days with your login username and password for the kindergarten portal. The portal allows you to make changes to your details and to accept, decline or cancel an offer.

Login to the kindergarten portal

How long do I have to accept an offer?

You are required to accept an offer within 7 days. You can do via the kindergarten portal.

What happens after I accept an offer?

You will be directed to the kindergarten website where you will find instructions on how to finalise the enrolment. This final step in the process may be slightly different for each kindergarten.

What documentation will I need to provide to the Kindergarten to finalise the enrolment?

  • Child’s birth certificate or passport as proof of identity and age
  • Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • Medical, disability or behavioural diagnosis with any action or management plans

Can I change my kindergarten preferences before offers are made?

To make changes to your registration during the May to June period, simply login to the kindergarten portal and edit your details. Changes you make in the portal need to be received before the June 30 to be effective in the first round offer processing. You will receive an email notification advising you of the changes.

To request a change to your information that affects the preferences or application classification during the offer period, it will be considered on a case by case situation and referred to the Family Services Project Team Leader for a decision under exceptional circumstances.

Can I cancel my registration?

If you no longer want to be considered for a kindergarten place you can cancel your registration via the kindergarten portal. The registration fee is forfeited.