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Martin Street Structure Plan (C152)

The Bayside Housing Strategy 2012 identified the area around the Gardenvale Train Station as an area that should accommodate moderate residential growth. 

To guide how this growth should occur, we have developed the Martin Street Structure Plan that helps outline how commercial and residential development should occur in the future. The development of the Martin Street Structure Plan involved three rounds of community consultation which helped to inform the final Structure Plan.

We are now undertaking the formal process, called Amendment C152, to implement the vision, objectives and strategies of the Martin Street Structure Plan into the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Where does the amendment apply?

The amendment applies to the Martin Street Activity Centre as identified in the map below:

How can I find out more?

The amendment documentation is available for public inspection, free of charge, during office hours at the following places:

If you would like to stay up to date on the status of the amendment without making a submission, register your details here.

What happens next?

Council has requested the Minister for Planning to appoint an independent Planning Panel to consider the submissions received. 

The Planning Panel hearing is scheduled to commence on 19 June 2017 at the Bayside City Council, Council Chambers, 15 Boxshall Street Brighton.

Part A Submission

A copy of our Part A submission and annexures are available at the links below.

C152 Part A Submission (PDF, 1.22MB)

Appendix 1 - Outline Development Plan for the Martin Street Commercial and Community Activity Centre (PDF, 258.27KB)

Appendix 2 - Bayside Housing Strategy 2012 (PDF, 1.81MB)

Appendix 3 - Martin Street Structure Plan (PDF, 3.03MB)

Appendix 4 - March 2016 Council Report (PDF, 1.56MB)

Appendix 5 - Approval of Authorisation (PDF, 766.96KB)

Appendix 6 - Exhibition Brochure (PDF, 2.62MB)

Appendix 7 - Council Resolution in response to submissions (PDF, 1.13MB)

Appendix 8 - Martin Street Structure Plan Background Report (PDF, 3.53MB)

Appendix 9 - Martin Street NAC Urban Design Framework (PDF, 7.61MB)

Appendix 10 - Martin Street Structure Plan Traffic Report (PDF, 3.14MB)

Appendix 11 - Martin Street NAC Function and Performance Report (PDF, 1.68MB)

Appendix 12 - Martin Street NAC Ideas and Opportunities Plan (JPG, 5.33MB)

The map at appendix 12 shows some of the key opportunities and directions to inform the structure plan. 

Appendix 13 - Heritage Overlay provision summary (PDF, 290.93KB)

Where possible, we can provide a Word document or text based version of an attachment. If we are unable to supply a text-based version of the requested document, we will let you know.

For more information

For more details on the Planning Scheme and Amendment C152, please contact the Urban Strategy team on (03) 9599 4635 or email planningstrategy [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Amendment%20C152%20-%20Martin%20Street%20Structure%20Plan)