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Mid-Century Modern - Voluntary Heritage Protection

Beaumaris and Black Rock are home to many significant mid-century properties thanks to a concentration of innovative architects building in the years following World War 2.

Mid-century modern architecture plays a pivotal role in making these suburbs special. It helps to create unique and special neighbourhood identities and iconic local streetscapes. This heritage contributes to making Beaumaris and Black Rock the highly valued and much-loved places they are today.


What is mid-century modern architecture?

Mid-century modern architect designed houses feature new design approaches, including use of light timber or steel framing; materials such as cement sheeting; flat or skillion roofs; north facing windows and easy connection to outdoor decks and gardens.

Sometimes structurally daring, the style of architecture is distinct for its use of clean lines, open plan layout and a different approach for maximising vistas and utilising natural light with floor to ceiling windows.

What is our approach to protect mid-century modern architecture?

We sought voluntary nominations from over 6,500 property owners in Beaumaris and Black Rock between November 2018 and March 2019. During this time period, 14 properties were nominated for assessment.  

Assessment of nominated properties

The assessment of the nominated properties was undertaken as a two stage process:

Stage 1 includes a preliminary assessment of each property to determine if the houses warrant a more detailed assessment. The objective of this stage is not to determine absolutely whether every individual property is significant, but whether it has strong potential for significance. Following the finalisation of the preliminary assessment of the nominated properties, 11 of the 14 properties warranted progression to Stage 2. 

Stage 2 includes a detailed assessment conducted on those properties that have progressed from Stage 1. Individual Citations were written for those properties found to be of significance. 

Following this, a planning scheme amendment process will commence to apply the Heritage Overlay to properties with demonstrated heritage significance. 

Council's Heritage Advisor also undertook an assessment of a selected Council owned buildings within Black Rock and Beaumaris to determine whether these buildings may demonstrate characteristics to warrant heritage protection. 

As a result, 9 residential places and 11 Council-owned buildings have been recommended for inclusion within the Heritage Overlay.  

Next Steps

Council is currently preparing a planning scheme amendment to request the Minister for Planning to approve heritage controls the 20 significant properties. 
This was resolved at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 November 2019. 

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