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New basketball facilities

We are expanding Bayside's basketball facilities with an extension to the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre Basketball Stadium in Tulip Street.

The project includes:

  • a four indoor court extension
  • unisex change rooms and toilets
  • storage, reception, canteen and first aid room
  • air circulation system throughout stadium
  • improved access from adjacent road network
  • modified programs outdoor half court
  • additional car parking.

The new facilities will meet the current and future needs of basketball locally and enable the basketball association to expand its programs. The expansion is located on land reclaimed from Sandringham Golf Course.

The total cost of the project is $9.1 million, including a contribution from Sandringham Basketball Association.

News updates on the project

Temporary parking and access changes at Sandringham Family Leisure Centre - 8 September 2022

Slam dunk for new basketball courts – 3 June 2021

Builder appointed for Tulip Street basketball stadium – 28 October 2021

More courts for Bayside basketballers – 23 December 2021


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