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All eyes on Bayside Gallery’s latest exhibitions

Saturday 11 March 2023

Tai Snaith: Hierarchy of needs opening event
Tai Snaith: Hierarchy of needs 2023 opening event at Bayside Gallery

Bayside Gallery was filled with visitors today, eager to see the official opening of Tai Snaith: Hierarchy of needs and Jonathan Walker: Capturing details usually screened.

Snaith is no stranger to Bayside, having attended Brighton Beach Primary School, and is now an accomplished artist, curator and author. Hierarchy of needs features collaged, hand-cut and painted artworks from her latest picture book Wonders Under the Sun: A Collection of Daytime Creatures.

Snaith spoke of the motivation behind her artwork and latest book.

“I truly believe that the first step of taking action is paying attention. These works and my latest book are really about looking at what is there and noticing how wonderous and amazing it is. Then hopefully this will inspire emotional investment and ultimately action,” Snaith said.

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors were immediately immersed in the intricate lives and habitats of animals. They were wowed by the enormous mural, absorbed by the animations, and enjoyed the 3D aspects of the dioramas, culminating in an experience which helped to bring these marvellous creatures to life.

Appealing to all generations, this exhibition encourages curiosity about animals and nature and shines a light on the importance of looking after the environment, providing habitat, and caring for country.

Across the hall, visitors were captured by the beauty and intricate detail of the late Jonathan Walker’s (1952 – 2020) work.

Walker painted a vast body of work from his two-bedroom apartment, located above a shop on Hampton Street, where he lived for over 20 years.

Capturing details usually screened traverses the key periods of Walker’s practice, highlighting Walker’s often obscure and highly insular approach.

Both exhibitions are on display until 7 May 2023 at Bayside Gallery, Corner Carpenter and Wilson Streets, Brighton. Entry is free and walk-ins welcome.

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