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Bayside- Detox your home

Safely dispose of unwanted everyday household chemicals at our upcoming Detox your home event.

Tuesday 2 August 2022


Running for more than 27 years, Sustainability Victoria’s Detox your Home events are a free and convenient service for Bayside residents to safely dispose of unwanted household chemicals.

Common products such as weedkiller, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, and cooking oil are all materials harmful to the environment and should not be placed in kerbside bins or poured down sinks.

Each Detox your Home event collects around 4 tonnes of hazardous chemicals, keeping them out of landfill and waterways and making homes safer.

Common chemicals collected at Detox your Home events include:

  • Fuels and flammable liquids – turpentine, methylated spirits, petrol, kerosene, diesel, paint thinners
  • Garden – herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, poisons
  • Household – cleaners, bleach, ammonia, oven cleaner, solvents, cooking oil, cosmetics, fire extinguishers
  • Car – wax, transmission fluid, body filler, brake fluid.

Detox your Home events are staffed by expert chemists who identify and sort the chemicals for safe transport back to a licenced facility in Melbourne where they are processed for reuse or safe disposal. Chemicals collected are processed and recovered or recycled wherever possible. If they cannot be reused in any way, they are safely disposed of.

With community safety in mind, Detox your Home events are now drive-through and contactless, supported by a COVIDSafe plan. Registrations are essential.

When: Saturday 3rd September 2022, From 8am – 3 pm (bookings only)
Where: Bayside Council Corporate Centre Carpark, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham, VIC 3191

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Detox your Home- Help keep your family, pets and the environment safe- photo of young child, women and family pet looking at the camera

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