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Be a happy camper

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Getting your caravan or camper trailer ready for a summer getaway?

Now that we are in school holidays and peak camping season, many Bayside camper and caravan owners are preparing and packing.  This can mean parking your caravan or camper in the street.

Keeping these caravan parking dos and don’ts in mind will make for happy campers!


  • Be aware that registered vehicles, including caravans, campers, boats and trailers can be parked on the road if the vehicle is under 7.5m in length and less than 4.5 tonnes.
  • Keep your caravan, camper, boat or trailer hooked up while it is being actively loaded or unloaded.
  • Comply with timed or permit parking restrictions where these apply, as caravans, campers, boats and trailers are not eligible for parking or foreshore permits.
  • Hook up unregistered caravans, campers, boats or trailers to a registered vehicle, for example - a car. Please note however, that if the combined length of the car and caravan/camper/boat/trailer is more than 7.5m, it can only be parked on the street for up to one hour if not being loaded or unloaded.


  • Hook up your caravan etc while not actively loading or unloading – the 7.5m long vehicle rule applies.
  • Park caravans, boats, campers or trailers on nature strips or road verges.
  • Leave a derelict, abandoned or unregistered vehicle on Council land, for example residential streets and nature strips - either temporarily or permanently.

Find out more information on roads, parking and transport in Bayside.

Happy camping!