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Beautiful Bayside- Report illegal dumping

Monday, April 5, 2021

Volunteers continue to clean up our streets, foreshores and beaches of litter dropped by people on walks, thrown from vehicles or left behind after a picnic or barbeque.

Friends of Bayside Roads, Hampton Beach Patrol and Love our Streets 3187 (Hampton) are just some of the volunteer groups working hard alongside Council’s efforts to keep Bayside beautiful.

Convenor and founder of Friends of Bayside Roads Derek Jones said his group has noticed an increase in litter along roadsides with dog poo bags joining the ranks of fast food rubbish, coffee cups, cigarette butts and small plastics.

“We found 15 bags in just one bush recently, it’s a real problem,” Mr Jones said.

Volunteers each patrol 2kms of roadside once or twice a week. They also report vandalism, graffiti and illegally dumped rubbish to Council.

Wendy Anthony from Hampton Beach Patrol said volunteers collected 14kgs of litter at Green Point.

“We hadn’t been there for a while; however, this is still a huge amount of litter and we’re seeing a lot of disposable gloves, masks and wipes,” she said.

Love Our Street 3188 is a local off shoot of a state-wide program that supports the beach patrol, collecting litter along Hampton Street once a month.

Last year, volunteers collected 276kgs of litter including 665 plastic bottles and stopped more than 2,800 cigarette butts reaching waterways and ending up in the bay.

Keep Bayside Beautiful by joining a group.

Contact Derek Jones on 0417 360 747, meet at the Hampton Community Centre at 9am on the last Sunday of every month to help Love Our Streets 3188 or join a beach patrol group at beachpatrol.com.au

Illegal Dumping

No one likes to see rubbish dumped on our roads. You can report instances of illegal dumping online or call 9599 4444.

Report illegal dumping

Volunteers standing in front of rotunda with litter pickers and high vis, ready to keep Bayside beautiful

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