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Big plans for improving community health and wellbeing

Thursday 28 October 2021


After extensive community consultation, Bayside City Council has unanimously adopted its Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan to set out the health and wellbeing priorities over the next four years.

The engagement process began over a year ago and involved capturing the many different views, experiences, and knowledge of our diverse community to identify the barriers that need to be overcome and the opportunities that exist to improving the overall health and wellbeing in Bayside.

Bayside’s Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee and Healthy Ageing Reference Group will play a big part in delivering the actions set out in the plan.

We will also work alongside local health service provides and community organisations to initiate social reconnection, plan programs to support the most vulnerable members of our community and provide opportunities to create better access and inclusion in Bayside.  

Key activities will include:

  • Strengthening volunteerism in Bayside through delivering training and capacity building opportunities
  • Supporting community mental health with a focus on youth mental health through investment in a range of wellbeing programs  
  • Reducing social isolation 
  • Providing financial support to sporting clubs and social groups through the ‘Inclusive Grants Program’ to enable better inclusion for all abilities 
  • Reducing family violence and improving community attitudes and behaviors towards gender equity.
  • Boosting a healthy, active community, including reducing consumption of alcohol and other drugs

Goals and objectives

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021 -2025 highlights four key goals and fourteen objectives all with their own actions:
•    Goal 1: Connected and thriving community
•    Goal 2: Healthy and active community
•    Goal 3: Respectful and safe community
•    Goal 4: Fair and inclusive community

To find out more view the final plan, action items and the community engagement that helped shape it. 

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