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Bin collection changes are go

We're switching how often we empty Bayside's general waste bins and food and green waste bins in July 2022

Wednesday 27 October 2021


We’re preparing for changes to Bayside's kerbside collections in July 2022 using community feedback to design our new waste services. 

Council has confirmed the switch in collection cycles will go ahead from July 2022. Food and green waste will be collected weekly, while general waste will be collected fortnightly.

This change will help us to further reduce the amount of waste Bayside sends to landfill, cutting its financial and environmental impact on our community and our planet.

What you told us

More than 4,200 community members provided their feedback on the changes in May – July 2021. We wanted to know how different households were feeling and how we could support those with specific waste needs to make the switch.

We heard:

  • 47% of participants have some concerns about the change
  • 45% of participants think the change is positive or aren’t concerned about it
  • 5% are unsure how the change might impact them

Of the participants who are concerned about the change:

  • almost half have specific waste needs, such as households with a large 6+ family, children in nappies, or a person living with a disability or chronic medical condition
  • 12% do not currently have a food and green waste bin

Some residents concerned about the change also told us they are supportive but need more information about how to adapt or manage their waste needs – for example, if other bin sizes can be made available.

Read the full feedback results

Support to make the switch

We've used the community feedback to design the new waste services to ensure that additional support is available to assist households with specific waste needs should it be required. This support is available to the following groups:

  • large households with six or more occupants
  • households with two or more children in nappies
  • households with one or more people living with a chronic illness or disability
  • households with a carer of someone living with a chronic illness or disability.

We’ll be offering the following free options:

  • the option to upsize to a 140L (already available) or a 240L general waste bin
  • an additional bin - 80L, 140L, or 240L
  • offer up to three 80L sized general waste bins for residents who may have difficulty manoeuvring a larger bin.

Households with large volumes of general waste that do not meet any of specific waste needs criteria above will be able to request and pay for additional bins via your rates.  We're encouraging households to hold off making a request until after the switch in July 2022 to see if you really need it.

We’ll also be encouraging residents who don’t have a food and green waste bin to sign up. Approximately 83% of Bayside households are now using the service which has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

What happens now

We’re encouraging everyone in Bayside to be waste aware. We’ll work with you to prepare for the bin switch in July 2022, supporting you with information and education materials to help reduce your waste and recycle correctly.

We’ll also be introducing a range of new waste and recycling initiatives. Look out for more details.

View the detailed report on community feedback considered by Council at its meeting on 26 October 2021.

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We're switching the frequency of collections for general waste and food and green waste bins