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Brighton cyclone 100th anniversary

Friday, February 2, 2018

Get a fascinating glimpse into a little known event in Bayside’s history at a new photographic exhibition celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Brighton Cyclone.

The cyclone on 2 February 1918, is reputed to be the strongest storm ever recorded in Melbourne. It caused wide-spread damage across Brighton and surrounding areas. Two people were killed.

The Brighton Beach baths were wrecked and stone urns from Billilla mansion’s parapet torn loose and pitched through the roof. The cyclone completely destroyed the Hawthorn Road Methodist church and numerous homes in Brighton and surrounding suburbs.

Extensive damage was done at Landcox Park and along Sandringham railway line. The cyclone also damaged the burial monument of renowned Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon in the Brighton general cemetery.

The exhibition is on display at Bayside Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue Sandringham and includes original photographs and reproductions illustrating the power of the cyclone.

The exhibition is the result of a partnership between Council and the Brighton Historical Society and celebrates local arts and culture in Bayside.

Find out more about the Brighton Cyclone exhibition

Photos courtesy of Brighton Historical Society

Damage to rotunda, tea rooms and bandstand, Brighton Beach.

Methodist Church, Hawthorn Road.

Damaged store on Well Street, Brighton.




Corner of Church and Male Street, Brighton.

Damage to Billillia mansion, Brighton.