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Busting Bayside’s graffiti

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Unsightly graffiti on private properties around Bayside is being removed by Neighbourhood Watch as part of a unique program supported by Council.

Neighbourhood Watch 3193 is extending its Graffiti Busters program beyond Beaumaris in a trial that includes private properties and businesses in Sandringham, Pennydale and Little Highett Village.

Graffiti Buster coordinator Geoff Bransbury is also looking for more volunteers to join the army of Graffiti Busters already cleaning up Bayside. “Graffiti Busters is a proven concept that is very organised with rules and disciplines that help train and support our volunteers,” he said. “We meet regularly and target specific areas, cleaning up or re-painting if required.”

One obstacle Graffiti Busters has to overcome with Council support is getting permission from owners of the private property.

Council has provided graffiti cleaning kits and bulk cleaning liquids, and will assist Neighbourhood watch with permits to access private properties during the trial.

“We are very pleased that Council has stepped in to support our program including managing approvals, which will take enormous pressure from us to continue doing what we do best – remove the graffiti,” Mr Bransbury said.

Bayside Mayor Cr Clarke Martin said the program was a fantastic solution to help owners of private properties clean up graffiti. “Council cannot just go on to private property and start cleaning up, making this program, which is free for residents and business owners who opt in, a great way to keep Bayside free from graffiti,” he said.

Once the trial is finished, Council will assess its success and consider extending it to other areas in Bayside. The current pilot is targeting areas around the intersection of Bluff and Bay Roads, Pennydale shops, Little Highett Village and Sandringham including Gypsy Village.

Council continues to remove tags or graffiti from Council-own property.

Check out the trial areas and/or opt-in to Graffiti Busters or nhw3193 [at] gmail.com (subject: Graffiti%20Busters) (email Graffiti Busters directly.)

Find out more about removing graffiti from your property or obtain a free graffiti removal kit

Image of Graffiti Busters volunteers