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Butt it - Bin it campaign

Friday, April 20, 2018

Black Rock residents and visitors are being encouraged to ‘Butt it and Bin it’ in a campaign driven by Bayside City Council and funded by Tangaroa Blue.

The campaign encourages people to appropriately dispose of cigarette butts in bins to prevent them ending up in our waterways.

Stickers can now be found along footpaths and at litter hotspots in Black Rock Village, reminding smokers to appropriately dispose of their cigarette butts.

The stickers feature a snapper, photographed by P McDonlad, and point pedestrians to the nearest bin location.

Butt litter hotspots in Black Rock Village were identified through methodical audits carried out by the Friends of Bayside Roads. The project to reduce cigarette butt litter at the source was developed in a workshop for local groups hosted by Bayside City Council.

Since the Victorian Government introduced new smoking laws for outside areas last year, there has been a reduction in the cigarette butt litter near eateries, however vigilance is still required to prevent this harmful litter ending up in our waterways.

If we all do our bit to bin our butts, we’ll be giving our marine life the best chance to thrive.