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Celebrating diversity through fashion

Monday, August 12, 2019

Through the support of a Bayside City Council inclusive grant, Sandybeach Centre is holding a fashion show fundraiser featuring a dozen models from the Sandybeach community. A diverse range of students and volunteers from all walks of life, all abilities and ages will be parading sustainable and affordable fashion from local op shops.

The 'Dare to be Fabulous' fashion show will be held on Friday 23 August at 12.30pm in Sims Street, Sandringham.

CEO of the Sandybeach Centre, Sue Hart said ‘we wanted to create a truly inclusive event that removed all barriers to participation and celebrate the unique blend of individuals from Sandybeach Centre and the broader community’.

Students Sheridan and Daniel jumped at the opportunity to be involved in the fashion show. Daniel said he is ‘keen to be a model and have the chance to be the centre of attention…I aspire to be like George Clooney!’  Sheridan is excited about choosing her outfit, when asked about her fashion style she said, ‘My fashion style is more casual and practical.  I’m comfortable wearing what I choose rather than conforming to what’s current’. 

The event is a true community affair with local op shops, including Family Life, Salvation Army and Vision Australia outfitting the models and local businesses providing raffle donations.
The fashion show will be a highlight of the Sandybeach social calendar and an important fundraiser. 100% of all money raised will go to the Sandybeach ‘Gathering Place’ project – a community space that is fully accessible, welcoming and usable by all.

As a non-profit co-operative, Sandybeach Centre has been an integral part of the Bayside community since 1982, servicing over 1500 people weekly through programs in education, health and fitness, return to work training and general interest classes. 

In addition to providing programs, Sandybeach Centre advocates strongly for people with disability, aged-related needs, chronic health issues and family breakdown to ensure that all have access to live the life they want to.

For more information on the ‘Dare to be Fabuloust’ fashion show fundraiser and to purchase tickets, visit www.sandybeach.org.au/events

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