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Celebrating Indigenous culture

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Highett Neighbourhood Community House Inc. was awarded a Council Community Grant to undertake a one day interactive holiday program for children aged five to 14 years of age at Dunkley Fox Housing Estate in Highett.  The theme, NAIDOC Week celebrated the culture of the First People of the region. Throughout the day, the children from Dunkley Fox Housing Estate were engaged and excited to learn about Indigenous food and art.

Cooking with an Indigenous Ingredient

Amalie Pearce a nutritionist and owner of Lifespan Nutrition, led the cooking class at Dunkley Fox Estate. She ran a food experience session and took the opportunity to educate and expose the children to foods which they may not normally come into contact with. The children worked as a group to prepare ingredients for a meal and had the opportunity to sample foods throughout the morning in a safe and supportive environment.  All of the children participated and tried something new - many of them never having the chance to eat kangaroo meat in the past.

Learning about Indigenous Art

Following lunch, the children worked with award winning Aboriginal artist, Greg Muir together with artist and art teacher, Bernadette Greenwood, they guided the children through an exploration of Indigenous Art and the telling of stories.

Greg, who has cerebral palsy is recognised for his rich body of paintings that express his admiration for the traditional owners of the land and are an exploration of his intersectional identity.

Greg’s passion and knowledge clearly inspired the children who each produced beautiful paintings on canvas. Each of the images were copied and made into place mats for people to enjoy ongoing at Dunkley Fox Housing Estate.

 The success of the program has inspired other organisations to follow the lead of the Highett Neighbourhood Community House, and to seek funding for activities that recognise and celebrate the original inhabitants of Bayside, the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nations.

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