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Cheltenham Park fire clean-up

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Statement from Cr Laurence Evans, Mayor Bayside City Council

Bayside City Council took back active responsibility for the area of Cheltenham Park damaged in yesterday’s fire just after 9am this morning. 

Work to assess the safety of the area is now underway and members of the public are asked to avoid this area and keep their dogs on leash near the burnt section of the park.

As part of its assessment Council is deploying park officers and arborists to examine the safety of any trees that have been damaged by the fire.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade have determined the area to be safe from fire however, if residents see anything of concern they should contact 000 immediately.

At this time it is not known how long it will take to assess and clear the site to ensure public safety.

The burnt area is part of a native conservation section of the park.  Residents living around the park may find native wildlife in their gardens.  Injured animals can be taken to your local vet or reported to the South Oakleigh Wildlife Shelter on 9503 9872.

Council will be installing some barrier fencing between the Cheltenham Golf Course and Cheltenham Park and is currently investigating whether further fencing of the area is required.

As part of its annual fire preparations, Council inspects all parks, reserves and the foreshore in partnership with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and any required works are completed before summer temperatures come into effect.  Fire Investigators are currently investigating the fire and Council awaits the findings of this report.

On behalf of the Bayside community, Council would like to extend its thanks to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority, Victoria Police and Council staff for their work in minimising the impact of the fire and in particular the risks to people and property.