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Combustible Cladding

Friday, May 4, 2018

Due to concerns regarding combustible cladding on buildings, the Victorian Government established a Taskforce to provide advice on the most appropriate approach to address these concerns. 

As a result of Taskforce recommendations, the Victorian Building Authority has commenced auditing of three or more storey apartments and two or more storey public buildings in Victoria, identified as being of potential concern. Each audit report is then assessed by an expert panel comprised of the Victorian Building Authority, Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Fire Engineers. The recommendations from the expert panel are then expected to be enforced by Council Municipal Building Surveyors.

If you live or own a property in one of these buildings, it may be subject to an audit in the future. This depends on the type, configuration and amount of cladding.

For further information see https://www.bayside.vic.gov.au/cladding-information